7 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks & Solutions

Blossom Lady
Nov 23, 2020 04:06 AM
7 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks & Solutions

A new collection of simple kitchen tips and ideas to make the cleaning process in the kitchen faster, better organized and generally much more pleasant. Learn how to clean up the food processor easier, how to use an old toothbrush, how to avoid panini press cleaning, how to prevent the microwave splatters, and more. These quick and effective kitchen hacks are hopefully going to make your cleaning time just a little bit happier!

Tip 1. Easier food processor cleanup.

Some food processor lids have non-removable sliding feed tubes that don’t get completely clean in the dishwasher because the pieces stick together. To solve the problem, pull up the top portion of the lid and insert a chopstick between the tube and the lid to separate the pieces. Soapy water can now flow through, and the entire lid emerges from the dishwasher perfectly clean.

Tip 2. Brush away the mess.

While most waffle irons and panini presses feature an easy-to-clean nonstick cooking surface, you may find that food still gets stuck in the deep ridges. A firm-bristle toothbrush is perfect for this cleaning task. The bristles are stiff enough to remove stubborn stuck-on food yet soft enough for a nonstick surface. If you still find any residue left in the ridges, try a cotton swab.

Tip 3. No-clean panini press.

Panini presses simplify the process of whipping up Italian-style grilled sandwiches, but scrubbing away grease and melted-on cheese after each use can be a chore. Try wrapping your sandwiches in parchment paper before placing them in the press. The parchment can take the heat and catches spills, eliminating the need for cleanup.

Tip 4. Custom sponge for panini grills.

Because of their many grooves, panini grills, grill pans, and sandwich presses can be difficult to clean. However, you can create a customized cleaning tool with a sponge and a chef’s knife.

1. Using a sharp chef’s knife, cut several ½-inch-deep slits lengthwise into the sponge, spacing the slits so that they accommodate the grooves of the grill.

2. When the grill is cool and ready to be cleaned, dip the sponge into hot, soapy water and fit it into the grooves for scrubbing.

Tip 5. Preventing microwave splatters.

Food often splatters when it is being heated in the microwave. A basket-style coffee filter is ideal for covering food and keeping the walls of the microwave clean.

Tip 6. Cleaning microwaves and blenders.

Nooks, crannies, and crevices on kitchen appliances can be a particular cleaning challenge. Here are two good suggestions for these tricky spots.

A. The corners of a microwave oven pose a cleaning problem. A small foam paintbrush with a beveled edge can be used to brush away crumbs and other residue with ease.

B. The buttons on a blender are situated very close together, so it’s a chore to clean between them when something spills. Use a nail brush to get into the tight spaces.

Tip 7. Fume-free oven cleaning.

Spraying oven cleaner in the oven to remove grime from the racks can fill the kitchen with harsh fumes. To clear the air, try taking the process outdoors.

1. Place the dirty oven rack in a large garbage bag. Take the bag outside and, keeping the rack in the bag, spray it with oven cleaner. Close the bag and let it sit outside overnight.

2. Wearing rubber gloves, remove the rack from the bag and place it on several sheets of newspaper. Wipe the rack clean with a damp dish towel before returning it to the oven.

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