7 Crochet Tips & Hacks

Blossom Lady
Nov 20, 2020 07:15 AM
7 Crochet Tips & Hacks

Hello, my dear crocheters! Today I am going to share with your my some simple ideas on how to improve your crochet knowledge & skills to help you crochet like a pro. Here you will find some helpful and handy crochet hacks and storage tricks that will make crocheting easier and help keep your crochet supplies organized. Happy crocheting! Enjoy!

Afghan crocheting

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
When the afghan you’re crocheting becomes too long and heavy, place quilting rings around the end you’ve already finished. It will make it easy to just flip it over when crocheting the next row.

Project tracking

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
When someone asks you to make something for them, write it in a notebook. Write their name, when they will need it by, and the item they want crocheted. Also, write down where the pattern can be found. That will help you keep track on your projects and come back to each crocheted item later on if needed.

Large-eyed needle

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
Threading a large-eyed needle with the loose strings after finishing a project and weaving the loose strings into the project are easier than using the hook. It just takes minutes to do a whole blanket with multiple thread changes.

Coke bottle

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
When traveling, use an empty plastic coke bottle to keep the hooks from escaping.

Locked plastic bag

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
To keeping blocks clean as you crochet them before putting them together, keep them in a locked plastic bag. Use a small pad of paper and pen to keep track of how many blocks are made.

Helpful yarn cutter

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
The fabric store sells yarn cutters to wear around your neck. Keeping cutters on a yarn around your neck will keep you from constantly having to search for them. The fabric store sells them.

Don't throw away your empty prescription bottles!

7 Crochet Tips & Hacks
Empty prescription bottles can be very handy for keeping smaller crochet tools like row counters, beads, and yarn needles.
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