Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges

Blossom Lady
Oct 22, 2020 07:18 AM
Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges

Hello, my dears! Today I’ve got some very good ideas about kitchen cleaning. Especially the sink. Try these 7 wonderful ways to make your kitchen clean in less time than ever before! I hope these ideas will help you switch up your cleaning routine and keep your kitchen sparkling.

Sanitize your sink

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
Studies have found that the kitchen sink is crawling with even more bacteria than the garbage bin (the drain alone typically harbors 18,000 bacteria per square inch). The faucet handle, which can reintroduce bacteria to your hands after you’ve washed them, is a close second. Though hot, soapy water is amazingly effective at eliminating bacteria, for added insurance, clean these areas frequently with a solution of 1 tablespoon bleach per quart of water (the bleach will also kill off some of those microbes in the drain).

Sponge on a rope

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
For a handy way to keep track of sponges dedicated to surface cleaning, poke a small hole in the sponge and thread a string through the hole. Loop the sponge over the neck of a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water or any cleaning solution.

Keeping sponges different

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
To avoid using the same sponge for washing dishes as for cleaning grimy countertops and kitchen surfaces, snip off a corner from sponges that you intend to use for cleaning counters and stovetops, reserving uncut sponges for washing dishes.

Homemade sponge holder

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
Letting air circulate around wet kitchen sponges—instead of laying them flat on the counter—helps them dry faster and stay mildew-free. Rather than purchasing a caddy or a tray, you can fashion a stand with a large binder clip. Attach the clip to the short end of a sponge and then press the “arms” of the clip flat against the sponge. A special sink holder is also a good idea.

Clean your sponge—really clean it

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
Whenever possible, use a paper towel or a clean dishcloth instead of a sponge to wipe up. If you do use a sponge, disinfect it. I experimented with microwaving, freezing, bleaching, and boiling sponges that had seen a hard month of use in the kitchen, as well as running them through the dishwasher and simply washing them in soap and water. I think microwaving and boiling were most effective, but since sponges can burn in a high-powered microwave, i recommend boiling them for 5 minutes or less.

Repurpose an empty hand soap dispenser

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
Here’s a tip to bring the neatness and ease of dispensing hand soap from a small pump to another cleaning product: dishwashing liquid. This is especially helpful if you buy supersize bottles, which are usually a bargain but are also ungainly.
1. Recycle a hand-soap dispenser bottle by refilling it with dishwashing liquid.
2. When it comes time to wash the dishes, simply pump the desired amount of soap onto the sponge.

Polish a stainless steel sink with flour

Cleaning Hacks for Kitchen Sink & Sponges
If you have a stainless steel sink, the single best thing you can do for it is to polish it with flour. Wash and dry the sink, sprinkle the whole thing flour, and then get to buffing. You’ll be surprised at how sparkly the metal gets!
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