Nordic Style Crochet Placemat

Blossom Lady
Jan 06, 2024 05:56 AM
Nordic Style Crochet Placemat

Crochet placemat inspired by the nordic style colour scheme.

Use any Aran size cotton or linen yarn in three colours. The suggested yarns are Drops Bomull-Lin in three colours: 02, 11 and 15 (it comes in 50gr skeins). You will need 2 skeins of each colour. The amount of yarn used: 105m (61 gr) of colours 11 and 15 and 91m (53gr) of colour 02 used to obtain a finished size of 45x30cm.


st(s) - stitch(es)

yo - yarn over the hook

lp(s) - loop(s)

R1, ... - row number

RS - right side

WS - wrong side

Beg - beginning

Prev - previous

BL - Back Loop

FL -Front Loop

Point 1: Stitch type used: crochet knit/waistcoat - insert hook in the post of every dc (in the upside-down "V" space of the stitch below), yo, pull through the post to make a dc. This will be referred to as "dc in V" throughout the pattern, to differentiate from the simple "dc" worked in the both top loops of the stitches below. In this pattern, as you turn your work, you will always make the dc in V on the WS of the row below.

Point 2: The ideal gauge is much tighter than that used for garments and it's important to have an even tension throughout. This will give your placement a compact look. If you choose to use a looser gauge, that's fine, but the result will resemble a doily rather than a mat. Also, using a cotton or mixture of cotton and linen yarn will offer a good balance between ease of washing and a smooth surface. I suggest avoiding acrylic or wool for this project as crumbs can get stuck between threads and fibres.

Point 3: For a straight edge on the sides, make the last dc every row in the last horicontal bar and the BL of the chain made at the beg of the prev row.

Point 4: For the last row, make a simple dc in the horizontal bar and the FL  of the stitch below. Using this technique, you will obtain a very similar row to R2 and will give for concictency to your work.

Placemat Pattern

With grey

Chain 92

R1: starting in the 2nd from hook, dc all sts. Turn. (90sts - and on every following row from now on.)

R2: ch1, (counts as 1 dc at the beg of every row from now on), usual in all sts. Turn.

R3-R24 ch1, dc in V in all sts. Fasten off. Turn.

Change to white

R25: starting on the RS, ch1, dc in V in all sts. Turn.

R26: ch1, 1 dc in V, (skip 2sts, ch2. 2 dc in V) *. Rep * to the end of the row, finishing with 2dc in V. Turn.

R27: ch1, dc in V in all sts. Turn. (Note: When you reach the ch-2 space make the dc in the space, not in the ch stitch).

R28: ch1, 3dc in V, (skip 2sts, ch2, 2dc in V) *. Rep * to the end of the row, finiching with 4dc in V. Turn.

R29: Rep R27.

R30-49: Rep (R26-29) 5 times. Fasten off.

Don't turn.

Change to beige:

R50: Rep R25. Turn.

R51-73: Rep R2-24. Turn.

R74: Simple dc in the horizontal bar and FL of the sts below. Fasten off.

Sew in any yarn tails using a tapestry needle.

Nordic Style Crochet Placemat
Nordic Style Crochet Placemat
Nordic Style Crochet Placemat
Nordic Style Crochet Placemat
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