7 Genius Cleaning Tricks

Blossom Lady
Sep 27, 2020 05:23 AM
7 Genius Cleaning Tricks

It's no secret that keeping your home clean and neat requires a great deal of time and energy, and many people choose Sunday to be the day of taking care of house, from cleaning and laundry to shopping and cooking. And I’ve prepared a new portion of great tricks to keep your home spotless and tips for cutting your cleaning time in half. Armed with a little know-how, you can get your home squeaky-clean in less time than you ever imagined possible.

Pick up pet hair with rubber gloves.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
Lint rollers have their place, but if you want to remove pet fur that's embedded in your upholstery, there's a better way. A quick and easy method to remove hair is by rubbing a rubber glove over the area. Hair sticks to the rubber glove and can be removed.

Get lint off surfaces with coffee filters.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
If paper towels have left your mirrors, windows, and glass-topped furniture covered in a fine film of lint, a kitchen staple can help pick up what they've left behind. Coffee filters and old cotton t-shirts work well to remove remaining lint.

Use dishwashing liquid to clean glass shower doors.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
The liquid rinse aid you use in your dishwasher gets your cups spotless—and it'll do the same for your showers. Apply a generous amount to a paper towel. Begin rubbing your glass shower doors with it until all water spots and soap scum is removed.

Sprinkle salt on greasy dishes before washing them.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
Together with keeping the greasy dishes in your sink to soak overnight, add some salt to them before scrubbing them with soap. It works well because the salt absorbs the grease and then your washing sponge is not sliding around the dish, spreading around grease.

Dust your fan with a pillowcase.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
Instead of using a duster or cloth to clean your ceiling fan, which inevitably leaves the surfaces below it covered in dust and debris, use a pillowcase instead. Slip it in between the fan blades and swipe one at a time. When you're done, you can then just throw your pillowcase into the washing machine.

Use a knife to clean your air vents.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
If you're not cleaning your air vents frequently, dust from inside them is being perpetually recirculated in your home. To make this onerous task a bit easier, use a knife instead of a traditional duster. Take a small rag and moisten it with some hot water, then wrap the rag around a butter knife to get in between each slat in the vent.

Rinse your plants in the shower.

7 Genius Cleaning Tricks
Plants get dusty like anything else in your house, but their irregular shapes make them especially difficult to clean. Instead of leaving them caked in dust, just take the pots to the bathroom and clean them with the shower head.
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