5 Awesome Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life #4. Natural Mouthwash, Citrus candles...

May 06, 2020 10:48 AM

1. Natural Mouthwash

Chew on an apple to get rid of your bad breath in a pinch!

2. Citrus candles

Make your home smell good for hours by lighting a lemon or orange candle. You can make one at home easily. Learn more here.

3. Open a stuck lid

Jar lids can be stubborn and hard to open. Simply run it under hot water for a minute, wipe it down and try again. Soaking the jar lid in hot water also works. Jar lids can also be opened with duct tape.

4. Keep pots from boiling over

To keep your pot from boiling over simply put a wooden spoon over across the pot. When the pot boils too high, the wooden spoon will pop the bubbles and keep it from overflowing.

5. Open a SIM card tray

If you don’t have a SIM card tray ejector tool around then use a small paper clip and push the SIM tray open.

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