4 Unique Uses for Pantyhose #3

May 01, 2020 10:53 AM

Step 10: Duster

Dust your bookshelves easily and quickly. Cover your hand with a pair of pantyhose and just run it along a shelf, molding, or window sil.

Step 11: Stuffing

When dogs attack stuffed animals with their sharp teeth and cats maul your teddy bears arm with their razor claws - perform some light surgery by replacing the stuffing with pantyhose.

Step 12: Test Sanded Surface for Snags

Ned to test your sanded surfaces for snags, but scared of getting splinters? Try the pantyhose test. Put a piece of pantyhose around your and rub it over the wood. If the pantyhose snags onto any spots you will know exactly where you need to re-sand.

Step 13: Soap on a Rope

....or in your old pantyhose. Same concept - different contraption.

Store old bits of soap in your pantyhose. Use it at the sink or in the shower to keep your self clean. You can even use a new bar of soap for this. The pantyhose helps exfoliate your skin - so its a 2 in 1 process!

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