4 Unique Uses for Pantyhose #1

Apr 29, 2020 09:23 AM

The life span of your average pantyhose is, what, 2 months? I have actually had some pantyhose for years, but thats because I only wear them a couple times a year. So lets say you get 5 good uses out of a pair of pantyhose - what else can you do with them?

I did a little research and found a bunch of ways to reuse your old, tared, lots 'o runs pantyhose.

Step 1: Arm Tattoos

I love this little trick. My friend was as basketball player for halloween and wanted need fake tattoos to complete her costume. She didn't want to draw on her arm so she drew her designs on a pair of nude pantyhose and wore it on her arm.

I tried this and tried to trick my roommates. I drew a flower on the pantyhose then put it on my arm. When I showed it to each of my roommates they were like, "thats great you drew a flower on your arm....". When I pulled down the pantyhose they were like, "WOAH I TOTALLY THOUGHT YOU DREW THAT ON YOUR ARM". True story - and it worked on 4 different people!

Step 2: Photo - Gauze Lens

Give your photos an eerie gauzy effect by covering the lens with your pantyhose.

Step 3: Polishing Cloths

Pantyhose are made of a soft delicate material that makes them great for polishing most surfaces. I put the shine back in this old lamp just by giving it a light buffing. I didn't even use any polish - its all in the pantyhose.

Step 4: Vacuum - Find Lost Objects

I am alway dropping small objects like beads and the backs of my earrings on the floor. A simple way to find small lost objects is by placing pantyhose over the head of the vacuum hose, securing it with a rubber band (so the pantyhose don't get sucked up!), and vacuuming under tables and chairs. The objects are quickly picked up with out getting sucked away into the vacuum!

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